Journal Entry: Day 157

Brașov, Romania,

I was able to get a bicycle, I am very happy as it will be very helpful for everyday commute and for exploring the surroundings of Brașov. It seems there are some issue with food safety in this country, for 2 days in a row I had troubles with food that were not safe to eat, expired or infected. I need to be more cautious. I am little surprised this could happen in a country that is part of the European Union, but as I have heard there are many corruption going on at various level in this country. Let’s stay vigilant. I hope not getting sick from what I eat. The tourists number is not lowering but I think I found a pattern of places I can go which are not overcrowded; And with my bicycle now it is more easy to move around. In fact I am planning a little trip on Friday to more distant place but still reachable by bicycle.

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