Journal Entry: Day 158

Brașov, Romania,

Yesterday was my birthday; hence I went on a little trip by bicycle. It turned out to be more difficult and challenging than expected and it lasted all day long.
It was a total of around 80km but with a lot of elevation through the hills and mountains.
It was however a beautiful day. I visited the Libearty bear sanctuary, but only to be stuck on a tourist tour. There was no way I could get close and record clean bear sound at all. These were mostly rescued animals from zoos or exploited in any way.
Then was able to spot the famous ‘Dracula’ castle (Bran castle). But who says famous, means flocks of visitors again.
In the afternoon I cycled up to the Poiana Brasov, a ski station (in winter); but still very pretty in Summer, in the middle of the mountain forest. I had a traditional Romanian meal. All in all very tiring day but in a good way.
It’s good to make the body work like that. This was my own birthday gift. I am very glad I could explore the area above the city of Brasov, thus seeing more of this country.

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