Journal Entry: Day 156

Brașov, Romania,

Like a lot of other posts, I am writing for 2 or 3 days, therefore my day count is not very accurate and should probably be more like ‘day 180’ or ‘day 200’ to be true.

Here, in Brasov, it is full summer mode, with tons of tourists, people going slow but making so many noises, families walking around, and there is an immense count of terraces, with crowds of people smoking and drinking. It’s really not the kind of place I like to be in. But now I have to deal with it. I am still trying to find the more quiet places in this city, going to unpopular, underground, or underrated spaces. There are some very nice cafes but unfortunately, they are overcrowded. It’s either I’m trying not to pay attention as a game of ‘zen-ification’ or I’m taking action to create a better surrounding for me.

Since I decided to stay put for 4 weeks here, I am also getting back to work on more tedious tasks, and trying to plan the next few months of ‘Articulated Sounds’ activities.

In the meantime I have assessed that many interesting places for recording would be accessible with a bicycle, thus I will try to get information on how to rent one.

I started back my learning of the Malay language which will be useful for my future trips. I am also getting back to work with the Spanish as well as keeping a routine with the Russian. Hence many language learning for me at the same time.

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