Journal Entry: Day 155

Brașov, Romania,

I am still here in Brașov and will stay here for 25 days more. I started to scout and know the city better. It’s funny to learn that the older names of the city were ‘Corona’, or ‘Stephanopolis’. I can confirm that the old town center is full of tourists with an infinite amount of terraces. I sure don’t like this aspect, but overall it is a very nice place and I understand why so many tourists come over here. From what I have been told tourists are more local Romanian than Foreigners like it used to be, and I can hear that. There are some very nice hikes possible all over the region. From my door, I can easily access some trails however these ones are more crowded. Bears are living here in the area and I probably will have some opportunities to record them. It’s not the best place for food and culinary experience but it is possible to eat a healthy or interesting meal. I still did not find the perfect place to focus on my work; tourists have taken over all the nice spots, drinking beer and making noise. I thus probably try to work more at home in this city, but also will go to the co-working spaces, which only open Monday to Friday from 9 to 6.

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