Journal Entry: Day 154

Brașov, Romania,

I just arrived in this city of Transylvania.  Here will be my home for the next month. I found a cozy Airbnb right in the historical center. It is a small studio but very comfortable. I was able to walk around and scout the main landmarks and envision how will be my days for the next weeks. At first, I can see many tourists here. I don’t like it much when there are tourists but here they are concentrated only on 2 streets and the famous square, beyond that I found the city very breathable, with large streets and walkways, and not dense at all, so it is very enjoyable. Also, the air is pure and fresh, as there are nature and mountains nearby. I think I am gonna have a productive and enjoyable time here.
Furthermore, I already got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine! hurray! I went to 3 different clinics to finally found one that was able to do it. All in all, it was pretty easy, I have my 2nd dose appointment date which coincides well with my plans. Thus I am quite happy with the outcome of my decision to come to Brasov.

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