Journal Entry: Day 153

Bacau, Romania,

Today is the most intense transit day I had in a while. I got up at 4 am to be able to take a taxi, then I took the bus that goes to Suceava in Romania. I thus crossed the land border by bus and officially entered the EU. Then I took few hours to explore Suceava until I took a train to bring me to Bacau. From here, I found a driver to bring me to my destination in Brasov from Bacau. I will arrive at night at my final destination. Also, It is the first time I’m using Blablacar, a car-sharing app.

People are slightly different from Ukraine. I think they are more gentle. They surely understand and speak more English than Ukrainian. I will see more in the coming weeks as for now I just arrived.

I could spot some gypsies on the side of the road, with a horse carriage. Romania is a vast country and during my time here, I will stay only around Brasov, therefore, I won’t see all the shades and life of Romania but at least I will experience a part of it.

A good thing about the money (Romanian LEU) is that it has the same value as the Malaysian Ringgit! Thus it makes it easy for me. After 13 months in Malaysia, I can still count the money the same way!

I am a little worried about my main purpose for staying 4 weeks at the same place. I am still not sure if I will be able to get the vaccine easily as a foreigner. There is a good chance I can. From all the information I got, it seems plausible, but I don’t know in detail where and how.

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