Journal Entry: Day 152

Chernivtsi, Ukraine,

So I arrived in this city near the border of Romania in the Bukovina region, it is similar in size to Lviv, probably a little less organized and less touristic than Lviv, but nonetheless interesting. All the buildings feel like they come from another time. And like Lviv, there are so many paved tiles all over the city. I explored one of the parks, a famous pedestrian street with many cafes, and I have been to the central market. I heard different accents here, even though I still can’t really understand what they say. I only stay one day here so I do not have much time moreover I mainly had to plan my itinerary for tomorrow and find my bus ticket.
I would have much more preferred to do all this trip (Lviv and Chernivtsi) more slowly and stay at least 1 week at each place, end even see more of the Ukrainian countryside. Unfortunately, the timeframe with the vaccine does not allow me to do so. Tomorrow I’m crossing the border with Romania, and I have to reach Brasov by land. There isn’t any direct connection so it will be a little complicated, thus a long day ahead of me.

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