Journal Entry: Day 151

Lviv, Ukraine,

It has been two nights that I stayed in Lviv and I am already leaving in 2 hours towards another city, which will allow me to get to Romania on Wednesday.
I am a little sad to have stayed only 2 days here as I would have liked to live at least 1 week or 2, or even 1 month here. It is a very nice city with beautiful European-style buildings and paved tiles everywhere. There are few lines of the tramway, and the old town is almost only pedestrian with lots of people walking around. Also, it is well-known as a tourist site, and people come here to visit the city and its history. It is a little overwhelming to see all this crowd roaming around. Since it is the weekend and the middle of summer post-pandemic, people go out and enjoy the nice weather and terraces of the city.
Since my arrival in Eastern Europe, I have witnessed that people have a tendency to be grumpy easily. It kind of irritates me and it really makes me work on my own temper. I also witness that many people are nonchalant and others are just simply drunk (as alcohol is readily available everywhere for cheap). All in all, I am not very attracted by the kind of life that is going on there. But other aspects are very good; on the other side I feel very safe (more than the USA or France), and people have a big heart and are very friendly once you got past the introduction.

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