Journal Entry: Day 150

Kyiv, Ukraine,

Today I am leaving the capital city. I am taking a train to a city more up North called Lviv. It seems a really interesting place and a very liveable city. It will serve me as a hub to take another train. Thus I only will stay 2 nights there. Kyiv has been a nice place for me to do a transition between my life in Asia end Europe, I started back my Russian learning, and I am very glad about it, even though it isn’t easy. I have not recorded many sounds as I have not found so many interesting places. There is a trip though I am reserving for later if I come back, this is the Chernobyl area, which is easily accessible by tour operators. I’ll probably explore this place another time with the better appropriate equipment, more time.
As I am about to leave this city, I can only draw to my past experience and feel that I was not very much emotionally engaged with this place; due to few factors, one being of course my radical cultural change from Asia, but also the fact that I do not know anyone here, and also did not really meet anyone; as the language is a real barrier. But it made me realize that I am on the right path to learning Russian. This language is a worldwide key-pass that can help me communicate in all the countries ex URSS and even more.

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