Journal Entry: Day 149

Kyiv, Ukraine,

So I have planned about the remaining time in this region,
I have booked a place in Brasov, Romania for 4 weeks, so I can get the vaccine in this city hopefully.
The most difficult is to get there. I have only a few days to be able to reach this city, and transit connections are really bad, also it is hard to find reliable information, partly due to the language barrier again.
I will have to take several trains and busses and I still don’t know exactly where and when; thus a long journey ahead.

Kyiv is a wonderful city during this season, the weather is wonderful, there are many parks, large sidewalks, a lot of historical buildings, many restaurants, bars, cafes. And the metro makes it easy to move around the city. They also have rental bikes, scooters, and taxi app.
Although to my taste it is an overcrowded city. I really prefer smaller cities.
On another angle, I have to admit that following my return from Asia, I am a little lost. There is something quite off in my life right now, but I can’t put a finger on it. The difference in culture, and few other things I guess. I am already dreaming of getting back to Asia.
I am having Russian class every day, however, I do not feel very motivated to learn this language. It is hard, with complicated rules; but I am not letting it go, I’m perseverant and I want to get at least the basics.

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