Journal Entry: Day 15

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was a typical day in lock-down. I did not go out other than walking and running around the block.
I put into work my new matrix of time management. It is quite going well, but still have to refine some aspects.
I worked a good chunk of the day on business, marketing and strategy. I have to get better in these domains.
It’s a big monster to work on this but it will help me to define clear objectives and target. Today I will continue on this, and more specifically on SEO.
I also subscribed to 2 streaming services Yesterday: Curiosity stream and The Great Courses Plus. They have a really good catalog of documentaries, and classes. With these, I can be entertained and learn something at the same time, better than watching stupid show.

The days are starting to feel the same. Today is only the fourth day of lock-down.
I will work in priority on a long due task, the conversion of all the Articulated libraries to UCS compliant files. It’s a big story, not very shiny task to do, but really useful. I kept postpone it, and worked very slowly on it. Now is the good time to bring complete this, and it also allows me to do other updates on libraries.

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