Journal Entry: Day 14

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday, I eventually did a big cleanup of all my notes / lists I had written for the past 12 months. I emptied my priorities, redefine my objectives. I feel more focus, and sure will be more focus.
I created a matrix that will help me to stay on track and do the things that I want/need to do.
I had time to do exercise 2 times around the house, and went takeaway food in the evening. The sunset was beautiful for the window. I witness that even though it is lock-down, many people are outside working for construction or road maintenance. However in the evening it is very quiet. I am grateful on how I am installed here, it is very inspiring for me and my work. I wish I could have a bicycle, the area is prone to this kind of activity and it is allowed while lock-down.
Today, I will follow my matrix, be studious, but at the same time give me some leeway. It is Sunday after all.

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