Journal Entry: Day 16

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I lost the notion of time, an adverse effect of lock-down.
A day in a blurry zone. I went to sleep at 2am. I think it is ok for 1 day, but don’t want it to reproduce today as it could effect my mood in a bad manner.
It was a good day to go through my archives finding back photos and sounds. I had more time to think and act on my craft and business.
Overall I am happy, I just need a better structure. I like the matrix I am experimenting, but this one has no schedule. I probably need to put one or two clear time for an appointment with myself.
Yesterday, I was glad to found back pictures taken with the Ricoh Gr III I had last year, which I already sold. Some of these photos are stunning, with a grain and contrast that wouldn’t be possible on smartphone. Although my current phone Huawei P30 has an extraordinary camera, I begin to miss taking masterpiece shot with a decent camera lens. The Ricoh was very compact for a beautiful quality. But still I was an extra devices, and I decided to get rid in my attempt to go lighter and lighter for the travel purposes. It is a compromise I chose but looking back, I really love the memory and emotion that comes out of a great photo or video. I am just worried of the extra bulk the camera would be but also the extra work of developing, archiving the pictures. The ideal would be to have a following partner that do photo/video while I record sound. Anyway for now I am satisfied with the Huawei cameras, it’s easy and fast like it should be.
Today is another day with similar activities, just better structure. I will have to do a house cleanup too.

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