Journal Entry: Day 140

Kandy, Sri Lanka,

3 days passed by already since my latest writing in the journal.
I did not see the time flying by.
I enjoyed staying in this city. Sadly I could not see all of it because of the covid restrictions, for example, the famous botanical garden which is closed now. All in all, it’s a pretty interesting place nestled in the hills with a cooler climate than on the coast. I started to be back in the shoes of my urban life. It feels different, with many choices, comfort, but also noise, chaos, and pollution.

Today I saw some monkeys living in the city; unfortunately, they looked very unhealthy because they live out of trash. It’s sadly one of the downsides of large human gatherings. Frankly, a question that everybody needs to answer is: Why our trash should be unhealthy for the planet? Because right now it is the case, we throw away tons of toxic wastes however it never really goes away! Everything stays here, somewhere on the planet, in the ocean, or in another country; The planet is our home, and our waste still stays inside the home. I believe we should be way more cautious about our lifestyle, and what we put in the trash. If you take examples from other animals, all their wastes are naturally recycled and not as toxic as ours. We actually live in our heads very far away from the real world. And as the population grows, there is less and less place to hide this toxicity that destroys our own life. It is time now to stop dreaming, and look at reality straight in the eyes and the ears!
Well, this was my thought of the day.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Colombo, the biggest city, a metropolis in fact.
I stay there for at least 12 days, then I am not sure of the scenario. My visa ends on July 19 so I need to decide soon.

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