Journal Entry: Day 141

Colombo, Sri Lanka,

So I arrived in Colombo yesterday, the largest city in the country; it’s huge! About 6 million people live in the metropolitan area there. It’s busy, and has so many roads, cars, and buildings! However, depending on the neighborhood some are very green, with huge trees. The place I stay is in Colombo 07, one of the most famous areas, it has nice sidewalks, cafes, restaurants, and parks. It really does not feel like any other place I’ve seen in Sri Lanka.
The road from Kandy, even if it is 100km away, took around 4h to arrive, because it is not a very big road and has a lot of traffic. It is said to be the first road build in Sri Lanka (by the English).
I am finally able to access good speed internet, thus I can upload and download the new UCS version of the libraries!

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