Journal Entry: Day 139

Kandy, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday I went visiting the most famous visited place in Kandy, the temple of the sacred tooth relic which supposedly holds a tooth of the buddha. The place just opened back after the months’ covid restriction closure. There was an impressive security measure, with many armed guards, and scan checks. They were reluctant to let me in as a foreigner, I had to show many documents which I hopefully had with me. The complex has different buildings, I was almost the only visitor. You can’t see the tooth or enter the room the keep it in. There is a small museum next to it that shows some artifacts and documents of the bombing that happened decades ago (hence the enhanced security around the temple).
Some places were not available to visit yet, maybe because of covid, or maybe because there aren’t enough visitors now.
Overall I was not impressed by this place, however, I admired all the sculptured details on the buildings. I am still working on uploading the new UCS version of all libraries. The network is slow at my place, I believe this will be my mission today, finding a place with good reliable wifi around the town.

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