Journal Entry: Day 121

Hiriketiya, Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

Lockdown continues here. I am still at the same place.
I am glad to have access to the sea, the scenery is beautiful.
I am used to lockdowns now, after more than a year of repeated lockdowns.
The difference here is that access to food is not well managed, and it is a little messy to understand how to get basic needs. But because of that, I think there is more freedom to go around than I might think. I am just respecting the imposed government rules, which keep changing, thus it is very difficult to plan ahead. Anyway, I am staying at a nice place, and have almost all I need; thus it would to a waste to complain.
I also need to stay away from online groups as some people are infectiously negative.
Staying in lockdown is more challenging mentally than physically, I think it is a good time to practice meditation.

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