Journal Entry: Day 122

Hiriketiya, Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

Lockdown life continues here, I took this opportunity to clean up my plans and wish lists.
It is funny to see that all my mid-term plans in the past year have been changed or canceled. Nothing is certain in these times. It is easier to do very long-term plans or very short-term plans, but everything in between is subject to uncertainty. Now I am recalibrating a little of that, seeing that some countries seem to have it under control thanks to vaccines. They start to reopen and live a normal life again. It is encouraging, and it helps me shape my future plan better. I, therefore, decided I will come back to Europe by the summer, I am starting to book places near my hometown so I can visit family. Also, I have been assessing my learning progress on languages. I am so proud I started to learn the Malay language, I am already being able to make simple sentences and understand the basics.
However in the past months, I left on the side the other languages I was learning, I thus decided to get back to work with Russian. In this way, I am wishing to pass by a Russian-speaking country for a few months, before arriving in France. I still have to plan an exact route and prepare all the requirements for pandemic-times travel (tests, quarantine,…), but I am pretty sure that all will get into place at the right time. For now, I still don’t know how long I will be stuck here as they might extend the lockdown after June 7th. I have seen other similar situations, and from my experience, I would say there will be another 2 weeks lockdown, then they will slowly start to reopen. The sad part is that they do not share their strategy clearly, so I have to guess by myself.

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