Journal Entry: Day 120

Hiriketiya, Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

ok so here in the entry, I am writing 3 days in 1.
In fact, nothing really new happened lately.
We are still in lockdown, the travel restriction has been extended until June 7.
The days look the same, and it is as if the time came to a standstill.
I am lucky to have access to the Ocean from the house here. At this place, the shore is full of big boulders which makes a beautiful scenery with very strong waves. I am working on the new website for Articulated, and the other tasks I have to do.
Even though we are not allowed to go out on the road or anywhere else, I can exercise from here as they have a courtyard with outdoor gym and exercise bars. It is good to stay fit and healthy!
I also have access to a kitchen so I can cook my meal. I have food provision I bought during the open day (Tuesday), but now everything is completely closed for 6 days, there will be 1 more open day after that to make again food provision for another week. This is sad how they completely shut down everything here unlike Malaysia where I was able to go shop for food anytime. I really didn’t expect this lockdown, so I try not to take that as negative and see it as an opportunity to focus on my stuff.
I can also ask for food delivery from a few restaurants around here, but the options are very low, mostly not healthy food, and very expensive (geared toward wealthy westerners) like pizzas at 1500 or 2000 lkr (which is about 12$/13$ cad) when you think, the average local meal is usually about 500 lkr, you can even get some meal at 200lkr. Anyway, I found my way through these local routines. I still keep comparing to Malaysia, but hey I am not in Malaysia anymore.
I am also looking at what is the next step, I still need to record more bats from the place I found a few weeks ago (the bat sanctuary). I would also wish to visit Sri Lanka more once they reopen if they reopen; otherwise, I will have to leave the country, and in this case, if I leave is to go where? I have been studying the options, and I am considering more and more to go closer to Europe, as they are starting to have a better situation with vaccines, the places are reopening and I might have more chance to get a vaccine from there. Still thinking about that… to follow

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