Journal Entry: Day 119

Hiriketiya, Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

So again not much new there, as it is now a full lockdown in Sri Lanka. Today 2nd day of this new lockdown series. I might last in time…
I started again to work on a video I did put on stand bye.
And I could continue my work on the new Articulated website that also was on stand-bye.
I was also able to assess my work on the bat recordings.
So overall it is a great positive outcome that is this lockdown.
Yesterday in the evening I discovered the seafront of the land here. From the house here, we have access to the ocean and to my surprise the view there is incredibly scenic, there are many big rocks and you can walk and jump for about 200 meters all along the sea. The rocks have carved shaped and forms due to the erosion with the strong waves that are here. I am very happy to be here and have access to this piece of heaven.

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