Journal Entry: Day 112

Dickwella, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday I prepared myself for lockdown as they forbid anybody to go out, and all shops closed for 3 entire days, so no food available at these times.
And so today is the first day of lockdown, I am ok with these regulations but the communication about it is not very clear. Also, I am a little upset that I chose to come to a country that looked ok about covid (case were low when I arrived), but then the situation got worse. I am well situated for a lockdown, I am just in front of the sea, with sand beaches accessible from here; thus it does not really feel like a lockdown. The room I have has some electricity weirdness, water pressure issue, and many cockroaches; but anyway I try to make it comfy and arrange it the best I can.
I did not really have the mental focus to do anything else, also I am still a little sick so I take things at a slow pace and try to take care of myself. I will try to get some work done today.

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