Journal Entry: Day 113

Dikwella, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday started the long weekend lockdown, 3 entire days with no travel allowed, no shop, no food, no grocery. It is a very strict lockdown. Hopefully, I have the ocean in front of me so it does not really feel like a lockdown.
The most difficult now is that I am still sick, and feel low energy, I don’t get my mind to work correctly and strongly lack motivation in doing anything. Therefore I try to take care of myself and hope I will get better with more energy.
I have many things to take care of.
Also starting again to think about where I can go next. I would need to stay a little more in Sri Lanka, as there are some possible recording missions I could achieve easily here but only after the restrictions are eased up.
I am looking to places where I could get vaccinated too. I’m hearing some places freely offer vaccines to foreigners, it’s sadly not Sri Lanka. Will look at that more closely.

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