Journal Entry: Day 111

Dickwella, Sri Lanka,

So yesterday government eventually announced measures for travel restriction. Nothing surprising. But so many rules were given at the same time, and it is hard to understand quite frankly what is allowed or not. From what I understand they set up a curfew from 11pm to 4am everyday, then they added a rules of travel permission depending on the last digit from the ID (even number people allowed to go out on even days, and uneven people allowed to go out on uneven days!), and lastly they established a full lockdown from tonight 11pm until Monday 4am (3 full days). All these rules are hopefully helpful to get to a better situation.
I will stay here for few days. I changed room, the one I have now is a little better, it does not cost a lot, only 20$ per night and I am in front of the sea!

Yesterday I explored better the places around, and found a wonderful co-working space, it is the dream space I was expecting to find in Sri Lanka. Finally I could work in better conditions and with a good internet speed. However with the lockdowns, I won’t be able to use this space, but probably the next days I will (on uneven days?? not sure about this rule). I also found better restaurants, I start to like this place here, I feel it is a nice surrounding to spend some time.

Today I will prepare myself for the lockdown, they say they don’t even allow food delivery, so I will have to find a solution as I don’t have a kitchen. It’s a little annoying, but in the end I kind of enjoy lockdowns as it allows to refocus internally, and think deeply about any matter. I also have some tasks in the oven which are waiting for me; it thus is the perfect time for that.

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