Journal Entry: Day 110

Dickwella, Sri Lanka,

So here I arrived Dickwella Yesterday, I am sicker than the day before, and my nose can’t stop running. I checked again and this is not a Covid symptom! phew.
I took some rest in the hotel room, then I walked around the place in the evening searching for food. The kind of food I like (not too expensive and healthy), it seems that some restaurants are open but actually very few compared to what I was expecting, and there are far away from each other. And since I didn’t eat that day, I was hungry, but I had to walk more than 1:30 hours to find something, which actually was just in front of my place. I am pretty tired and sick, I need to rest. For now, I don’t really like the town, and the people there, neither my room which has electricity issue, water issue, and no wifi. I am pretty disappointed for now but maybe this is because I am tired. The view and landscape of the beach are beautiful though (but no surprise at this point).
Today is a different day probably and I would give this place another chance.

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