Journal Entry: Day 109

Tissa, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday, I stayed put in Tissa as I felt a little sick, and furthermore, I couldn’t know what would be my next step.
and after changing plans 10 times, depending on news that was arriving, I finally stayed one more night there and decided to go to Dikwella today (further West in the South) where it seemed to have some cafes and restaurants open which was not the case in other places.
I waited to know about the plan for recording Elephants but no news arrived about it. Then I looked at all the places I could stay in Ella as it would have been the logical following of this Sri Lankan trip, and also I looked at Arugam Bay as it seemed very active, with many restaurants and visitors in this place on the East coast. But yeah, eventually the government announced a travel ban between provinces, and possibly a travel ban between districts can be put in place in the next weeks or so… Then I had to choose wisely my next step since I might be stuck in the same spot for a few time. The south province seems to be one of the easiest spots to navigate with the most infrastructure which will help me to get in a productive mood I believe.
In the evening yesterday, I went again recording the bats, but this time I used a monster custom setup, with the mkh8060 and Stereo Lom Mikrousi, all on the same boom pole, both recording with 2 of the A10 as these is the only recorders I have with me. I used my usual Kortwich preamp on the MKH8060 so I can get phantom and clear gain.
I think it is a great setup that gives flexibility in mixing Mono or Stereo.
I still do not have a figure-8 microphone that would complete my MS setup. So I do the way I can, but the result is great and maybe better than MS.

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