Journal Entry: Day 103

Galle Fort, Sri Lanka,

In this entry, I am gonna tell about the 2 last days, since I did not write an entry Yesterday.
So I am doing my little life here in Galle Fort, after getting free of the quarantine.
Covid cases in Sri Lanka are increasing at an alarming rate. I am worried about the consequences. I might get stuck in a lockdown again. Anyway, since I am already here, I will plan my route the way I need to do and try to make it faster than what I was first thinking of. So maybe I can get out of this bad situation before it is too late.
Right now in Galle fort, it is very calm, almost nobody in the street, and no traffic. There are just a few stores and restaurants open. Maybe 20% of what they used to have before the pandemics.
I am enjoying this quiet town life, I rented a bicycle which I think is the best transportation mean around the city as distances are not far. I have a nice little flat in the old streets, which really feels like home, with good and modest comfort, and a bar which serves as a high-standing desk (my favorite type of desk). I just finally found some good cafe from where I can work from, and this is where I am right now.
These last days my head is spinning around with this covid situation. I kept questioning myself about what should I do, where should I go as destination. There is no ideal place yet. Some countries have covid rampant cases, others have so many restrictions, others are inaccessible, or too expensive to reach.
If everything’s good, from Saturday, I will go more West, little by little, and reach the Nature parks area, with Yala, Udawalawa, and Bundala. I believe from there I will be able to record the sounds I am after. And then after I’ll go a little more North to the mountainside where it is fresher. This is the plan I have but it is not sure if I will be able to achieve that with the restrictions and lockdowns.
Let hope and see how it goes.

2 Replies to “Journal Entry: Day 103”

  1. Bonjour Stéphane,
    J’aime beaucoup les photos que tu ajoutes à ton journal.
    Avant je te suivais par les nouvelles d’Hélène mais comme elle m’a donné le nom de ton site, je peux suivre à tous les jours tes déplacements.
    Je te trouve bien débrouillard.

    1. Hey Merci Lorraine! Ca fait plaisir de voir ton message. hehe.
      Desfois par contre je n’ai pas de connection alors je poste mon journal pour plusieurs jours à la fois!
      J’espère que tu vas bien!

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