Journal Entry: Day 104

Mirissa, Sri Lanka,

In light of the Covid situation here, I decided to speed up my stay in Sri Lanka, and leave the country faster than I had wished. It is sad but I don’t see a better plan.
Indeed I am worried to be stuck in a lockdown or be refused entry to other countries. I think I can realize my missions here in a time frame of about 2 weeks.
So today I decided to move earlier from Galle fort to Mirissa. I arrived in this small beach town, however, you can see not many people around which I like it but is bad for the local economy. Almost all shops and restaurants are closed. Just one or two are still open. I found a great room here, it is literally just next to the ocean, it is the first time in my life that I sleep so close to the sea!
Tomorrow I will try to get to the snake farms that are nearby and catch some snake sound I hope.
I am already planning my next point of stay too. I have to say the Covid situation makes me spend more time on planning than ever before.

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