Journal Entry: Day 102

Gale Fort, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday, I finished my quarantine and moved to my new place in Galle Fort. It is a very nice Airbnb, with a sky-roof terrace that has a kitchen and bar. Very great to stay there as there is not much place to go nowadays. With the 1 year pandemic and actual rise of covid cases, most places are closed and would probably not let me stay and work from there, but I am also worried that I could catch the virus myself.
Other than all that covid shit, I am starting to learn about Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan people. Little by little I am discovering the way of living here. I have mixed feelings and I can’t stop comparing it with Malaysia. Of course, after 13 months there, it is very difficult to not think about it. I can see that some perks I had in Malaysia are now gone, or more difficult to get.
However, I believe Nature in Sri Lanka is probably more abundant than in Malaysian Peninsula (not talking about Borneo).
I am now in Galle Fort, a vestige from the colonial past of Sri Lanka, first built by the Portuguese, then took over by the Dutch, and improved from then in the 17th Century. Some buildings and architecture there are quite impressive and old (for Asia), but also well preserved. It is quite remarkable. The entire size of the Fort is quite huge compared to any other I saw from Colonialism time. It used to have many tourists here, but now it is quite quiet which I very much enjoy. I only booked 1 week here and I am still pondering on what I should do next, as the situation is getting worse every day. I probably need to quickly go where I planned to go before it becomes impossible. My mind is difficult to set and make it focus well these last days with all these changes and uncertainty. I try to find what brings me happiness and joy and give that priority over anything else; thus resulting in a less productive daily grind, but overall better from my health.

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