Journal Entry: Day 101

Galle Fort, Sri Lanka,

Today is my first day outside the quarantine area. I moved out and arrived at my new place in Galle Fort, it is a very pretty and interesting place. Yesterday and Today I had a class with a new yoga teacher and I learned well about some Yoga postures and techniques. I am very glad about it.
Now I can taste fully freedom from quarantine. I was able to walk around Galle Fort and start to scout and explore places in this area. They used to have a lot of tourists around there, but with covid crisis, they only got 10% to 20% of what they usually have, and many shops and restaurants are closed. Every day they report more and more cases in Sri Lanka, I am not sure where this will go. I am not in a rush, but there is some mission I would like to accomplish here in SL.

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