Some news from another land!

Too busy to blog post

Hi everyone!
It’s been awhile since I wrote my latest blog post.
I was busy and did not have time to update the blog.

I did travel to many places, and recorded great sound, I also launched new libraries on the Articulated Sound Website.

Brno Museum

Here a little recap of my itinerary since Morocco:

Even though I will post in depth about my visits in these places and the recordings I did,
here is a quick recap:

After Morocco, I stayed 2 months in Budapest, I needed to be stable for a longer period.
Then I went by bicycle along the Danube, to Bratislava, and Vienna. I went to some places in Czech Republic and in Slovakia, stayed in Brno for 10 days,  and Prague for 1 week.
After that  I went to Georgia (the country) for more than 1 month which I liked a lot (In Georgia, I went to Kutaisi, Mestia, Batumi and Tbilisi).

My Only Belongings! Nothing Else!

Then Athens in Greece, and one Mediterranean island called Santorini, Sofia in Bulgaria, Dubai in UAE, Jaipur in India (I stayed 2 weeks), Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bali in Indonesia, then Singapore where I am writing these lines.


fan sound recordingI also have recorded a lot of fans and HVAC which are featured in the new sound library “100 Fans, HVAC, & Mechanical Drones“.

More Regular Update Post

From now on, I will do more regular update, and most possibly with sound clips to hear from. Here is my plan in 2 steps:

1 Catch up the Session

I will blog post progressively with the latest material and places I’ve visited. Starting with the magnificent Budapest!

2 Post Regular Real-time Update

Then, I will be more vigilant on posting about my progression in real-time.

Hope you like it!
Excited about the next post!!
Cheers from Singapore

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