Journal Entry: Day 95

Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka,

Well, I think I already lost track of time here in quarantine.
I believe I miss one day of my journal, but it is unimportant as there are so few to tell.
The days look similar. However, I am still trying to arrange my routine accordingly to the elements and environment here. It isn’t easy to stay fresh in mind and body since it gets very hot and humid during the day. Therefore I like to wake up early and do as much as I can in the morning because it is the best time of the day, the light and temperature are just perfect.
Then I usually vanish in semi-coma as the temperature rises. I found that taking a nap in the middle of the day is the best thing I can do.
Trying to fight over the hotness of the tropics is a losing game, better surrender to the elements. Then my batteries got recharged for the end of the daytime and the evening.
I started to handle the recordings I made in Belum-Temenggor, and started to post about it. I will follow on that, creating an entire blog post is a good idea.
I have so many other projects to take care of, as usual.
Today is Sunday and it’s been around 1 week I have been here, I still have 1 week more before I can be free and explore this country. I will stay focus, productive, and creative as much as I can and enjoy my time.

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