Journal Entry: Day 94

Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka,

Still in quarantine at Earthlinks retreat. Life has an easy pace here. I have good meals every day.
Yesterday I hurt my back probably between the hard workout session we had in the morning and the Yoga in the afternoon. I can’t complain I am well treated, it is all part of the quarantine package. I was reluctant to engage in this retreat, but otherwise, I wouldn’t have these experiences. There is not so much option for quarantine hotels anyway so I am happy to be here, I still have probably 10 or 9 days left, not sure exactly how much.
I started to post back on Facebook groups, it has been a long time. I wish I could be more assiduous in my online presence, not an easy endeavour.

Today I wish, and I will set a positive tone and make my best to achieve the most I can during this day.

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