Journal Entry: Day 84

Gerik, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I went to the road that leads to the dam nearby the town. This road is in the middle of the forest and has no traffic. This is a great spot and easy to access, so I placed a A10 recorder with Lom and leave it there for at least 24h but might be 48h… (this card can record up to 60h). It is an interesting place, far from any village, kampung, or road. I had it spotted on the map for a long time.
I am also in contact with an experienced guide that could bring me to very interesting places inside the Royal Belum park, however, it is now very rainy. He says it will be rainy until next week, so I am not sure if I need to wait (1 week) for better weather conditions. It usually not rain all day long, but there is a lot of rain for sure. I have good living conditions here in the small town of Gerik, just no cafe or restaurant the way I like, but there are many local options. There is even a gym I can walk in, but also many Nature spots. I might change hotel, or find another type of accommodation, but staying here 1 more week is ok for me, and I am starting to envision it.
There is something else that is starting to make me worry, we (tourists in Malaysia) yet did not get any official statement regarding our fate. The actual statement that dates from January says we can stay until April 21 (need to leave the country by this date). But this statement is outdated as the MCO / RMCO has been officially extended but no official update about our amnesty of overstay. So this might be my latest days in Malaysia, and I still can’t plan with certainty where I would /can go after. But I feel confident that an announcement will be made to clarify the situation and most probably extend our right to stay.

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