Journal Entry: Day 78

Lumut, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday we went on a hike to the nearby hill with my new friend Tom.
Then I worked pretty much all the rest of the day. I was physically tired of this hike because the pace was fast. But then I could focus better on my work. In the evening I was more like a veggie.
All in all not much happened, I looked back to my recordings of Morocco as I really think these are great recordings. I want to share more about it.
I discovered this great cafe ‘big whale’, which serves a wonderful Freddo Coffee, I think it’s the coffee I had for a long time. They have the Freddo espresso, and the Freddoccino (Freddo Capuccino). I need to remember this recipe, it is exactly suited to my taste.
Tomorrow I will leave Lumut, I tried to extend my stay but it was not possible as it was already booked by someone else. So I am heading to Kuala Kangsar. Therefore today I feel obliged to visit more of the surroundings, the places I haven’t seen yet, I’ll bring my recorder and try to get some nice sounds.

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