Journal Entry: Day 77

Lumut, Perak, Malaysia, 

I don’t have much to tell about Yesterday, it was a simple day, trying to stay healthy with food options, and continued work. I have been looking at what would be the next possibilities after Malaysia, this can happen sooner or later. But I am not sure about the destinations, it is very difficult to find accurate information and all source contradicts themselves, so probably I will have to dig deeper to find my window, it is most probable than I will go back to Thailand in the first time, then try to get further. I think the most determining factor will be to get the vaccine, then it will be easier to move around for me.
This morning I went on a hike at the nearby trail that goes uphill, it is called a ‘virgin forest reserve’. Very interesting forest, however a little deceptive for the sound, as you can hear all the boats’ noise from around, but this is no surprise. I went there with my new friend Tom which is in fact almost a neighbor.
The view there was very nice in the morning lights.

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