Journal Entry: Day 63

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday morning I went record around the residence. They have built these streets that look like Disneyland decor. Disney Avenue, and Castle Avenue. At sunrise, the light is beautiful, but the sound is better. I know this area because I come here almost every day to do jogging, so I know it sounds very good. In fact, there are not many people since lockdown and also many bids are coming from the lake areas just nearby. Moreover, the few shops and restaurants that still remain are not open in the morning. It thus is the best combination for great recordings. The sound of birds reflecting on the architecture instantly immerse the listener in the middle of a street or urban area.
After few weeks living there, I finally decided in the morning to get some recordings. Being it Sunday lower the distant possible traffic sound.
I am happy with both the recordings and the photos I made.
Then in the afternoon I work as usual at cafes.
This morning going to the tin mine dredge near Batu Gajah, filming some of my new videos.
I am thinking of going to Lumut or Teluk Intan Tomorrow or the day after, make a 3 or 4-day trip.

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