Journal Entry: Day 62

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday, I worked at the lounge study, The morning I recorded from the balcony. I continue working on the same material, not much achievement but things take time and I like when I deliver something mature, not rushed out.
I have to pinpoint one extremely true fact all over South-East Asia: food is very affordable, and delicious. I am always stunned to find new places, where I can have a gorgeous healthy meal, served in no time, for the equivalent of 2$, and these are places where you can dine in, they even offer free tea. For the choice of food, they have 40 to 50 dishes already cooked, fresh and succulent. The full plate is only 2$, I can’t remember anywhere other than Asia where I can have this quality/quantity for this price, but some countries have similar options, maybe just slightly more expensive (I’m thinking of Georgia, Argentina, and Latin America).
Today this morning I recorded around the residence here (bandar Agacia), I’ll post more about that tomorrow.

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