Journal Entry: Day 28

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

I read about the plasticity of the brain, and I’m amazed to hear about researchers that conclude that growth mentality is more important than the content of the learning itself. If you put the mind in a positive sate of learning, you can learn anything. Now I am glad to take opportunity of this locked in time to learn.
Yesterday I had my first official Malay lesson with my new teacher Ammar, I really enjoy how it goes, looking forward to learn better. I have been tweaking my ability to post on Instagram and I learned more brand content marketing, I am working on the big picture of the value statement and the customer journey.
End of afternoon I went hiking at the Dragon path with my friend, it started to rain and we got completely drenched in few minutes, so we had to go back also because it was late already. We got leeches on our feet. Funny and scary at the same time, I got paranoid about these little monsters, and even had some nightmare during the night about that. However I have equipment to hike and be prepared against leeches, I did not got these Yesterday as we decided last minute to go there just to check quickly and thus I forgot about leeches. Anyway, next time will be prepared.
In the evening there was ‘pasar malam’ (night market) near the house. I got some local delicacies!

Today Sunday I will time managed and take opportunity of my most productive time of the day better than other days.

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