Journal Entry: Day 228

Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt,

My journey continues in this part of the world. In Dahab life is easy and simple, I have not much reason to complain.
Yesterday for Christmas I went on a trip to Mount Sinai. It’s a long way, it first needs to go to Saint Catherine, the road has many security control as it is a disputed region. Then I was able to visit the monastery from the 6th century. I then hiked up Mount Sinai, the trail is well marked, and it is mostly easy on the first part, going up and up, the last stretch is a little more challenging with 700 steep steps. This mount is very holy and it is the perfect place to be for Christmas. It is where it is said that Moses received the 10 commandments. At the top, there is a small church and a small mosque. You can also see the cave where Moses stayed.
From up there, the view is splendid, you can see the sea and all the Sinai mountains. Sound-wise there was very little to record, there isn’t much fauna or flora in this arid land, I could spot 2 birds from distance. However any effort to try to record any sound where doomed by other visitors, so what I got is mostly other people talking or walking. The most interesting and useable sounds I could record were from the camels. I love these creatures, they make such interesting guttural utterances.
In any way, it was a nice day to spend outside of the space I have been in for 1 week now. I still have 4,5 days in Dahab, you’ll see what happens more in here. Today there is less wind. I probably try more camels recording.

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