Journal Entry: Day 226

Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt,

Yesterday I took the decision to wake up early this morning. And I think it was the best decision as the sun wakes up early around 6 am, this will allow making the most of my day since the sunset is also early, around 5 pm. The issue is that there was a group partying on top of my roof up to 2 am making the sleep not welcoming. I don’t know if it’s an Egyptian thing. I chose expressly to stay a little out of town to avoid these noises but it seems this is not enough. Otherwise, it is quite serene to stay by the sea in this kind of distant place. Yesterday I did scout for the possibility of recording some animals in other parts of Egypt. I also started with the list of tasks I have to take care of. In the evening I did climb the small hill that is behind my place and overlook the surroundings with the town. The scenery and colors at sunset and sunrise are quite beautiful. At those times everything turns reddish. I was even wondering if this is where the name ‘Red Sea’ comes from. Here nobody wears masks even inside, it is quite striking as some countries are going into lockdown mode at the same time.

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