Journal Entry: Day 225

Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt,

Here is day 225 of my journal which should read day 350 if I had written every day from the first post, but also should read Day 1350 if I had written every day from the start of my nomad journey in 2018.

Here I am in Dahab. It is quite peaceful around here and many hippies/hipsters have made this place their home. It is in direct touch with Nature, mostly the Red sea and its riffs, with the backdrop of the mountains of Sinai. Unfortunately, the Sinai peninsula has been the host of local disputes and bomb attacks in the past decades. Indeed there were many security checkpoints on the roads coming from the airport, but all in all this town is probably one of the safest places in Egypt. After this travel from Tenerife I was a little dizzy and had to adapt to the local environment, it is quite dusty here, and also rusty, it’s Egypt after all, a country in development where incomes are on an average way smaller than Spain, the country I spent my latest 2 and half months. From here one can see Saudi Arabia on the other side of the see, therefore it is not much wide. It somewhat reminds me of the wideness of the St Lawrence River in Quebec. People are very friendly and smiling and I am quite surprised to find that many cafes and restaurants options. Even though it is touristy, it has a different feel as it is not on the main touristic path, I do not feel pushed or assailed by hagglers at all. The next 9 days will have very easy-peasy. I am also looking at the next steps after Dahab, I will make my way to other parts of Egypt and try to plan something in Africa if the situation allows it.

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