Journal Entry: Day 210

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

It has been now 19 days that I stay here, almost 3 weeks. I still have 10 days more in this urban environment. Time will go fast before I leave. I truly appreciate our co-living house, it is spacious and has a large rooftop where we can see the panorama and hear the soundscape of the city while taking some sun. It is also well located between all the interesting areas of this city. My room is the best one on the top floor, and the bed is one of the most comfortable I’ve had in the last 4 years. I have ideal conditions to be productive and tackle important tasks. Even though all the lights are green here, I miss being in more exotic places. Indeed it is very European here and it has been difficult in my mind to accept some cultural differences but also the price gap of various perks I had from Asia or other parts of the world. It is also unfortunate that I don’t have many opportunities to practice Spanish here. In fact, all my co-livers speak English, and most of the people also speak English. These days I am learning more Malay than Spanish even though I am inside a Spanish-speaking country. Yesterday I went in alert mode as I realized one client did buy an HDD bundle last week and I did not receive any notification about it. I am now in a hurry to send it as quickly as possible. I really need to debug my mail notification system, there have been issues with it in the past months. For the coming days, I will trigger the next speed as time flies by so quickly, I am wishing to get the best outcome of this stay before I have to leave.

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