Journal Entry: Day 200

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

This morning is Sunday morning, the city is quieter and birds are proudly singing from the scarce palm trees here and there. It’s a chance I have access to the rooftop of the co-living house, and my room is on the same level on the top floor. From here I can observe the change of the soundscape throughout the day.
I can notice that there has not been a lot of sun since I arrived, temperatures are a little cool, but not too much. Also, there has not rained much yet.
I am starting to engage in routines that will support my 1-month productivity boost. I am starting to see that coming to a co-living space is one of the best decisions I could take. All the infrastructure and sociable aspects are already provided, I can easily get into a focused work mode. I will see how it evolves, but from now I am pretty happy with the outcome. Today I will continue with work, and later as it will be less cloudy at sunset I will explore a little of the southern part of the city, and try the local bicycle rental system.

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