Journal Entry: Day 199

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

I started my 1-month life in this place. It’s amazing to think that it is very close to Africa nestled on an island but here it feels like a metropolis of the first world, all the streets are well aligned with the modern bus system, everything is clean with all kinds of shops from all over the world, and the prices for meal reflect this reality.
Yesterday I discovered my new coworking space and walked around the city.
I did feel a little sick, however today I am feeling better.
I only walked along the famous beach of Las Canteras. At sunset, it is a beautiful time.
I’m planning on releasing my Sri Lanka sounds as a collaborative library with another recordist who did record there too, we had a call and discussed the modality of it. I am wishing to get more productive while here, I have to put in a mindset of extreme productivity, it all comes down to organization and methodology.

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