Journal Entry: Day 175

Montpellier, France,

I am now halfway through my stay in Montpellier, 2 weeks spent and 2 weeks left. I feel now totally installed here, I take advantage of this month of September to renew with my origin. It’s a great time for me to rewind to where I come from. I have to say I am quite impressed sometimes by the degree of sophistication of French people in some areas. Other times I found them rude and grumpy, and many times I found them formatted and very conservative. Nevertheless, Montpellier is a wonderful city to get lost in, walking through the small alleys of its pedestrian center. It is a very unique and enjoyable place. I am very happy too to be able to meet again with people I have not seen for a long time. I have put in place a schedule that hopefully will allow me to do most of what I can do in here for the rest of these 2 weeks remaining. I have scheduled some recording sessions too. But first I have to take care of the past recording I have in stock as a priority number 1.

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