Journal Entry: Day 168

Montpellier, France,

The place I stay is nearby the river ‘Le Lez’ which has a path all along that goes up to the Mediterranean sea at 13km away. It’s possible to go by bicycle, and this is what I did with the bicycle my parents lent to me. From this path, you can spot some local wildlife around the lake “l’étang du Méjean” with some pink flamencos and other birds. Unfortunately, a car road is hundreds of meters away making constant noise in the background. Alternatively, the bicycle path continues along the shore up to the city of “Sète” (35km away), where I will go there on another day.
Since I arrived in France I am worried about the price of everything. Euros is tricky to my mind as I am more used to Canadian dollars or Malaysian Ringgit. And indeed Food is in most cases way more expensive than Malaysia for example.

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