Journal Entry: Day 167

Montpellier, France,

So I arrived in France. It is a strange feeling to be back in my hometown. I am renting an apartment for 1 month. I will be able to see family and friends I haven’t seen for a long time (I left 11 years ago).  The weather is just perfect at this time of the year. Even though some big rainfall can happen at times. I walked around the city and could recognize only a few places. Many roads have changed, and different buildings have been constructed, stores and restaurants also have changed and I don’t remember the names of the streets, I am kind of lost. I feel as if I were in a new city but from time to time memories emerge and I can recall my past life, mostly as a teenager. I forgot how enjoyable is the center of Montpellier with all these walkable streets where no cars are allowed.

For this month I am looking to rediscover my own birthplace but also to set up a productive environment for my work; I thus visited co-working spaces but to my view, I don’t like much what is available here, these places feel too rigid, corporate and not much enjoyable. Moreover they seem small and expensive. After thinking about it, I would much prefer to work from my apartment which is big enough, bright and quiet. Or I can go to a cafe from time to time, it looks there are many coffee places however it seems they all close early, and also close on weekends. It is September and I have to foster a positive impulse for all my work in progress.

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