Journal Entry: Day 161

Brașov, Romania,

More time in this city… I am still waiting for my 2nd dose of vaccine which will be next week.
I feel almost like in Disneyland here, so many visitors… it does not make sense. I’m starting to lose patience as this is really not the kind of setting I like. Yesterday I got woke up by a group of photographers, they were doing a shoot just in front of my window! I visited more neighborhoods of Brasov, On the other side of the mountain there is a nice neighborhood, way quieter but with all amenities, I believe I would have preferred to stay there for the long term, and it would have been less expensive for accommodation. Anyway, I am still happy as I live in a very unique apartment in the old town. It’s probably the last weekend with that many tourists, people will have to go back to work eventually. Today I am proud that I woke up early, as I really need to get a more productive routine by getting up early.
One of my LOM MikroUsi microphones is dead; I believe I did manipulate it too much and provoke the cable to be killed at some point. it’s difficult to know, also it is difficult to repair as there isn’t an easy way to replace the cable. Hopefully, I have another pair and also 2 pairs of clippys. I might also do more recordings with the Sennheiser mkh8000 from now on, and try to capture the beautiful landscape that surrounds us here.

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