Journal Entry: Day 160

Brașov, Romania,

This morning I went to the end of the town of the old Romanian side by bicycle. At this place, there are beautiful stone cliffs carved in the mountain, they call it ‘Pietrele Lui Solomon’. There is a small pathway that leads to the town of Poiana where I have been last week.
These days it begins to be colder, especially at night.
I have had divergent feelings throughout the latest days. I am at the same time happy to be here even though I have no attachment to this place, neither any special interest. It is culturally very similar to France (where I grew up), so it has no special or particular appeal. The food and the language are what seem to be the most specific. I tasted more of the local food specialty lately but it frankly is not up to my taste preferences. My main feeling is that I feel helpless in face of the work I want and need to achieve. There is some kind of gloominess in the atmosphere, which does not whip up my ambitions. However, I can consider myself lucky as I did not encounter any big issues.
I am taking care of getting a new driving license from Canada. The one I have now is expired since 2019! If everything’s going right, it should be delivered in France, then I might be able to be a corresponding French license (which has no expiry date contrary to the Canadian one). This will be helpful to rent a car or bike anywhere.

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