Journal Entry: Day 145

Colombo, Sri Lanka,

Yesterday I went to the Pettah area in Colombo. They have a big market, with vendors outdoor, and many local people are flocking in this area. It is a little chaotic but very typical with shouting people and tuk-tuk.
Today is the last day in this country, I am flying out during this upcoming night.
In fact, it is also my last day in Asia after almost 2 years of roaming around in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, but mostly Malaysia.
I feel a little sad and nostalgic. Asia has been really good to me. I am already thinking of coming back. I wish I could go to Borneo, and see Indonesia, but also China, Japan, Korea,… and so many places, cultures, landscapes, and sounds.
I am a little afraid of taking a plane and passing by the many controls that are in place these times. Hopefully, everything will go well!

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  1. Bon voyage Stéphane,
    Tu n’as pas mentionné l’endroit où tu te rendais.
    Je suis tes aventures à tous les jours.

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